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4.20 Skill Share Schedule + Instructor Introductions

Kacie Hodges

As this Saturday’s Inaugural Skill Share quickly approaches, I feel that introductions and much gratitude is in order for the many folks who are helping to make this weekend a reality.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 10.43.51 AM.png

Aaron is an incredible artist, listener, and friend. He makes magic with indigo and layers it with intricate sashiko stitching. He is a delight to collaborate with and is always encouraging me to dream bigger. Aaron will be leading the indigo dyeing endeavors and sharing a few folding techniques in order to make patterns on fabric.

Winter Indigo Dyeing-3.jpg

Ashley is one of the most graceful chameleons I know, working as a professional seamstress by day, and outdoor guide by night / weekend. Her work to lead all inclusive hikes has encouraged a group of folks to get out in the woods and explore that might never have had the chance otherwise. She is combining these two worlds to lead the 0-waste fire demonstration and dutch oven cooking.

Ladies Retreat-4.jpg

Brenna is a textile wizard who creates one of a kind garments out of a wide variety of vintage and dead stock fabric. She has been my ride or die for almost a decade and was the first person to lend a hand when I was just beginning to host on farm events. She has been there in the final hour of prep for a fashion show, helped me lead workshops for Bonnaroo and Bud Light, and kept me sane through it all. If you have any garments that need repair or sprucing up, Brenna will be your guide.

Bonnaroo Dreamcatcher 2017-9.jpg

CatieBeth is a fellow textile soul sister and plant power guru. Her intricately woven round pieces are full of color and texture, an inspiration to stepping outside the normal rectangular box. She has been a constant source of encouragement and positivity since we first started running into each other at local fiber shows. CatieBeth will lead folks in weaving on a metal frame loom using naturally dyed fabric + fiber and things collected in the hemlock grove.

image via:  CB Thomas Designs

Justin is one of the most multifaceted textile artists I know. She can often be found using a drop spindle in unique locations such as the ice skating rink. Her knowledge of the history of these ancient tools and the textiles they were used to create is fascinating. I could listen to Justin tell stories all day; thankfully we’ll have that opportunity again this weekend.

image via: T erra Firma Studio

image via: Terra Firma Studio

Kent is the best neighbor on the planet. He helps me troubleshoot every animal care question with more knowledge and intuition than most veterinarians I have come across. His reverence for the full circle of raising and processing his own food is refreshing and to be quite frank, the way it should be.

Lauren is one of those wonderful humans that I knew I liked as soon as I met her. The second time we ever met, I casually mentioned looking for someone who knew how to make traditional dipped candles, and she graciously offered to lend a hand and her experience. She is also an incredible textile artist; her woven goods feature a variety of patterns, often highlighted by locally foraged + naturally dyed yarn.

Ron was one of my first friends on the mountain. He was the last fire tower lookout in Skymont and has built two of his own homes. He is one of the most unique people I have ever met, with a long history of woodworking, welding, sculpting, black smith-ing and writing some of the most random fiction stories you’ll ever read. When I told him I was hosting a skill share, he offered to lend a hand at half a dozen options, eventually landing on basket making, using locally foraged honeysuckle, privet, and wisteria.

Fern Falls.jpg

Matt is one hell of a man. He puts up with my shit on the regular and continues to support every wild idea I have. (like this skill share) He is always down to try something new and jumped right in several years ago when I told him I would be shearing my own herd. He will be helping me lead the shearing demonstration, but he also helped set up the entire event space and will be the one who calms me down and hands me a beer on Friday afternoon when I’m freaking out about last minute details.

image via:  Terra Firma Studio

I am incredibly blessed to know such a great group of people.

Join us this weekend and you can get to know them too.

We will be enjoying a potluck style dinner at the end of the day, please feel free to bring your favorite covered dish, cookie recipe, or something to throw on the grill. We’ll be enjoying a variety of sides to compliment the rabbit and duck that will be served family style.

Date: Saturday, April 20

Time: 10 AM - 6 PM

(come for part or all of the day)

Tickets: [link] $25

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